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One Onesies are the original Japanese onesie, we are located in Sydney, Australia. The word itself comes from the Japanese ‘kigurumi’ which – roughly translated – means ‘to wear a stuffed toy’.


At One Onesies we don’t compromise on quality. Our Onesies are all made of polar fleece that looks awesome and feels geat to the touch. There are other brands of Onesies out there however we suggest trying to avoid them due to their poor quality – you will just end up having to purchase another after its first wash.


At One Onesies, we’ve made changing outfits easier than ever before. Instead of having to order from overseas and wait weeks, you can order your One Onesies online and have it delivered to your door in Australia in just a couple of days.

Designed to be low crotched and oversized, One Oneises really are made for everybody. They’re machine washable (cold), they dry quickly and are more versatile than you think.